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[Suggestion] Lower Resistance Mod Points


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Just going to point out that with it already being such a low reduction value, something so specific in purpose shouldn't take up more than 2 points baseline.


Say you remember a level having an abnormal amount of scorchers or some nonsense. You decide to switch one of your defensive mods, Vitality being a more common one, to fire resistance. Except you can't because such a minor increase to your shield's EHP against one source costs more mod points than increasing your EHP against everything.


That said, even this might not make it worth it, the resistance mods as is are pretty awful.


My point is that something so situational shouldn't cost more than two points baseline, this would include; Antitoxin, Diamond Skin, Flame Repellent, Insulation, Lightning Rod, and Warm Coat. Steel Fiber should stay as is, as its more universal.

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