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Forma And Void Key Suggestion


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It would appear that a couple of big issues that people currently have are:


1. Forma is required for everything in the dojo system

2. Void keys often give you nothing


So in discussion with a couple of people in my clan, we can up with the following suggestion.


Every time you use a key to open a void mission, at the end of the void mission, the key breaks down into a forma.


This is only for the person that used the key.


By our reckoning this is good because it means that every time you get a key (either purchased or found) you at least get *something*. You get a chance at the crappy RNG, but at the very least you get a forma that you can use to either polarise a warframe or weapon or you can donate it to the clan dojo effort. This means that void keys now only cost 5 platinum if you take out the cost of a forma.


I see this as a good because it gets around the two issues listed above.


What do people think of the idea?

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