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Toxicity/acidity - The New Bio Weapons And Your Opinion On Them


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This is a 2 topic thread!

1. The new toxic weapons will be made in 3ish days, how do you think they are going to work (there are currently assumptions, but nobody has (or should have) them yet? Are they going to be similar to the toxic ancients or the Venom of Saryn or the Mire (which virtually nobody uses) Also, how useful would an acid/toxic thrower be if it is essentially a flame-throwerin terms of use?


  • It appears to be able to fire toxic rockets, similar to J-3 Golem's attack.
  • Leaves a dot that ticks 4 times over 4 seconds for 18 base damage per tick.
  • Painfully small magazine.

2. What do you think about the toxicity of the forums? Has it been rising? has it started going down? Are you playing Forumframe more than Warframe?


I think the toxic weapons, at least the thrower, are going to be gimmicky and overall forgotten once they are tested to find how under-powered they are. The acid bolt will be interesting though.

As for the toxicity, I decided that I'll be casual at forumframe, due to certain irregularities in conversations as of late. I played Tribes and was an avid forum goer till the hope started to be looking truly dead; I learned that forums should be places of use, not rabid emotion (positive or negative).

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the first tier of our weapons will be done by tomorrow, the stun rod and such, ill let you know.

How? It takes 3 days of initial research for the parts! And then another 3 for the weapons!

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