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Building An Elevator In The Dojo - The Directional Arrow In Construction Menu Is Pointing The Wrong Way


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When you build an elevator you can choose the direction it will go in (upwards or downwards) by clicking the >> button in the construction UI. But the arrow representing the chosen direction is pointing the opposite way.

If you choose the downwards-pointing arrow the constructed elevator will go to the floor above the place the construction has been started at. If the arrow is pointing upwards the elevator will go down. Which doesn't make any sense.

Fix this please.

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We have the same issue, I thought we made a mistake, but there was a second elevator planned, so we started to build that too... the second elevator went up again. BAD.


What shall we do? Destroy it? How much should we wait for the reply for our support ticket? Will we get the resources if we destroy one and try to build it in the other direction?


We need answers. Really.

Time is ticking.

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HaaSas Clan member here.


This is the support ticket he mentioned. (dojo Issues)



(related thread https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/51322-dojo-elevator-bug/ )


And to the material return question, we asked yesterday....


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