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Bug And Sugestion Index Point


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  Considering that some people might follow one the of the "Self Index" links, I feel like I need to say that this post is actually for myself, since I have found no reliable way to keep track of all my posts other than this of writing it down on some other place, like notepad (to not report twice the same things...). It also serves as a self reminder for other things. The description below was made in case someone actually read this post before it would fall into the oblivion with all the flood of other people's posts.




  Well, to be honest this is my first time posting anything on any place, so I am praying for this to work as I intend to.

  First, I would like to clarify that:

  - My language is not English primarily, so grammar, vocabulary and word selection might not be proper and could be misleading to some extent

 - This is just an index of the other posts I plan to make. I like things to be a little bit organized so it can be easily found and such. I think it is possible to make a link to other page somehow and that editing posts is possible, so hopefully I will be able to change and modify any mistakes or updates if any. If editing is not possible... well, then I might have a problem there...

  Second, As a new person here (not so new really, but fairly new to the forums... started reading some posts recently), some things I say might have been touched, talked out before, maybe even are being implemented/fixed and is announced somewhere and I am not aware of it.

  As of now,  I will try to make two different posts and try to put them in the right section with links to them here.


   Bug Reports:


      General Bug Breakdown



      Mountain Hole



      Wall Phasing



      The Magical Vacuum



      Slippery Border



      The Door of Doom



      Missing textures, strange bounding boxes and others



      More random Places



      Another border with problems



      Raptor's holographic rock



      Player not in a session





    Teamwork Situations



    Warframe Oriented Maps



    Analysis on endless defense mission



    A small change on the capture mission parameters



    Multi-step rooms






      Party at the Obstacle Course



  Other's posts


      notacobras' big suggestion list



      Cells - This is warframes endgame



      Make your dojo right



      How to use Bb code on the forums



 If my plans go wrong, here is a self reminder:

  Bring cookies, ducks, and chewing gum... that fixes everything most of the time.


 NOTE: Forgot what I wanted to put as a note...

 NOTE 2: If this breaks any regulations and requires deletion, I would like someone to tell me so, so I can delete if that's possible.

 NOTE 3: Editing worked as expected, added the first one...




Update 1 (May 28): Added second set of suggestions (now properly named "Teamwork Situations")


Update 2 (June 2):

      - Changed names of suggestions so they could be identifier more easily

      - Added "Warframe Oriented Maps"

      - Found a really nice post. If anyone Is actually reading this post for whatever reason, it probably means you are either interested in some ideas or have a lot of free time. In any case, here is the link: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/41391-not-a-cobras-big-suggestion-list/ . The list is big and very well developed. Although I don't like or agree with all of them, I am not the only player on the game, Am I? Give it a look if you want and enjoy.


Update 3 (June 17):

    - Moved 'the big mess' from the body. Seems people is not very fond of block of texts. (need to evaluate a way to rewrite it...)

      The link for the post is https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/53510-some-suggestions/

    - Added "Analysis on endless defense mission"

    - Added "A small change on the capture mission parameters"


Update 4 (July 6)

    - Added 'Multi-step rooms'

    - Changed the initial description of the post


Update 5 (July 31)

    - Started to add the bug reports as well and other links (notifications seem to have a strange behavior sometimes)

    - Tracked down my bug reports and added them (some had comments and stuff)


Update 6 (August 4)

    - Added bug report "Another border with problems"

    - Added bug report "Raptor's holographic rock"


Update 7 (August 16)

    - Added "Player not in a session"

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