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Are Tenno Corporations, Or Warriors? Some Ideas On Dojos.


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So in another thread I posted something that as of yet no one has bothered answering or challenged. So I decided to find out why. The original post. https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/52684-does-anyone-else-see-the-stupidity-of-a-1800-person-clan/page-2


I don't know I am kinda for taking a massive restriction system and sticking it on Clans... make it cost credits and require certain mastery to make a clan, make it limited on clan number, build a tier system forcing people to upgrade clans in order to get certain kinds of labs to unlock other things. Make it so clans cannot recruit people below a certain mastery meaning no showing up on noob levels and recruiting noobs fresh into the game. Give those players times to work hard and increase their mastery... everyone here who is not a founder managed to pull it off just fine without needing all the plat to increase their mastery force it on others.


This should place massive restrictions on the bigger clans ability to recruit, and finally give noobs time to play th game out and then choose who they wish to join up with, instead of having them blindly join up with a clan before one of the smaller clans can get to them and build a more personal relationship with them. It isn't really fair us smaller clans can't even get more members. Forget scaling, forget making it easier... there needs to be a system that promotes joining smaller clans and making them bigger, there needs to be a project support system so that small clans can publish projects on a special clan list showing projects that clans are working on in their dojos (of course they can only publish once every month or two weeks, and of course if the project is canceled its all returned to the original donators) There needs to be support for smaller clans.


I don't care about making it easier by making things cheaper screw that. Just give us more supporting tools such as what I have claimed. Clans should be an advanced player structured system. It should be a mid-way game content. So that new players can focus on doing new player things instead of feeling pressured from the get go. They shouldn't feel you need to be in a clan to advance. they should be allowed to feel perfectly comfortable alone.


Ever read novels or comic books for "Predator"? Before they were allowed to be in a clan they had to pass their right of passage. Think of the certain rank mastery requirement to join a clan as their right of passage to go from young blood, to bloodied/hunter. This is exactly what we need. They are new, they are like kids, new ninja... growing up... they must pass their right of passage before joining a clan. They must prove themselves.


Of course clans should be small families, small hunting parties that work together. Restricting them to be smaller would be more accurate Lore wise, Restricting it to mastery rank would also be more correct Lore wise. These are ninja... they live in clans... they awaken... they learn... they kill... they become stronger... They are hunters, killers, saboteurs, hackers... They are elite warriors that live in this solar system watching over it. The grineer, and Corpus fear them... fear their power... fear death itself... fear their very own shadow because the Tenno are Death incarnate. It wouldn't make sense for some whelp to join a clan and disgrace it with such ease... to drag others down... to have no skill or weaponry outside of the norm of their own. Tenno are Warriors... born to kill... Their honor is in their People the Tenno, and their clan, and their squad mates... This would make sense...

You see I understand no one wants to join one side or the other... Which is also why I have made another post previously to this one about how we should forget about the whole scaling non-sense of decreasing the cost for smaller clans. Lets be serious now. DOES IT REALLY MAKE SENSE? I am a small clan and no matter how hard I think about the idea of making it cheaper for small clans it still doesn't make any sense. I can think about it all day but logically speaking how does it work for suddenly a smaller group of people to be able to make things cheaper?


In another thread I made https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/51468-an-idea-for-dojo-construction/#entry530110


I thought about it and here is the idea...


What if DE created a system where Clans can publish one project per set time period for other players to look up in a list and donate to that project. Like lets say there is players out there with tons of resources and no clan, or clans that are so generous they would be willing to donate to the cause.


However if for some reason the project was canceled all the supplies would be returned to the players who donated originally. To prevent players abusing the system and taking the supplies for themselves and using it to make other things. It would strictly be made for that particular dojo project. It could be once a month, once every two weeks that a Clan can publish a dojo project for people to look at in a list of dojo projects and donate to. Heck maybe DE could make a reward system like you get stuff for donating to published projects, and if there finished (kinda like the boss mission in the tablet online games where everyone has to hit the enemy till the enemies life bar hits zero which would give everyone bonus rewards) Everyone who participated gets some pretty cool rewards, like credits, BPs, maybe even a reactor could even put it on the RNG so its a prize at random. Could even get exp for all your stuff like 500 exp to all warframes, and weapons you own.



Near the end of this topic I also mentioned an idea for an advanced Clan tab. Which I feel should be at the top of the screen made for searching for clans to join, and to do this publishing tactic. It should also have a status screen on your own Clan to look into its own details, and stats, on its own actions as a whole, then on individual members to keep track of who is helping and who isn't.




Now here is another idea I had separately

Now there is a lot of talk of making it cheaper, but what if it isn't some lame mechanic like smaller clans. What if its by spending TONS of credits, and resources to build mining platforms in space for Tenno to mine things. I mean doesn't it seem weird you invade a Grinner mining base and do nothing but kill everything? Why is it a Tenno doesn't just jump in a drilling tank and start drilling around for resources? What if we could have machinery, and tools to get more resources, or make it easier to build things.


I remember in some of those cheesy online games where you build cities you can sometimes do research that speeds up construction due to it being some form of upgrade to tech for construction. See where I am getting at. Where as big clan could do this. Small clans can do it too. So instead of focusing on building the dojo first a smaller clan would focus on mining platforms, and tech to make it easier to construct rooms FIRST. It may take long time, but in the long run as a small clan you will eventually gain the ability to build faster over time.


Do you all get where I am getting at with this? Sure we could do the limitations on clans, but some people are happy with it. By no means should we enforce it if DE feels it would hurt them. However I do feel if there was another way around such as tech, and mining that can be worked towards to aid in the construction of the dojos we could actually start getting somewhere with these dojos for both small, and large clans.

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You always seem to be upset that no one responds to your posts.

You entered my one of my topics and were upset I didn't quote your topic in my op (when I linked to 7-8 other topics in the OP).  Funny thing was you had created that topic while I was typing my OP.  Then you advertised that topic while in my topic - I responded as such to your topic but pointed out your topic had VERY little to do with the topic I had posted in the first place...

I think you need to realize that not everyone has something to say about your topics.  This is not to discourage you from posting them at all - I encourage you to keep posting them.  But don't back track and say things like "since no one commented before".

I will be honest and say that a possible reason people don't respond is because they might not understand.
I will be honest both this topic and the topic you link earlier both have me asking more questions than they do answer them the more I read.  It might be the fact its 4am my time - but I have no real grasp on what you are trying to suggest here.

Constructive criticism - you are jumping all over the place - get one idea out at a time and flesh out lots of details about it.  You don't have to cram everything into one post.

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