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Gear, stats, leveling and loot ideas


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I'm not comfortable with the current system in which you choose between weapons and warframes and then stick with them to the end, unless you want to start with different gear from rank 1. And mods give you bonus only to one kind of stat.

It's alright for the warframes that you have to level each of them individually.

But I also have to level each individual weapon too. It's a bit strange system in my opinion.

There is a fixed number of weapons and you then choose three of them (primary gun, secondary gun and a melee weapon), but most people want the one with the best damage per second.

This also causes balance issues and can even make some of the weapons simply useless, as they lack the damage.

It also causes a lot of ranting since people would like to pick weapons that fit to their play style and most of the time those who pick underpowered weapons are disappointed because their playstyle isn't supported.

Ideas what could solve the problem:

Random stats for weapons and mods

You could find and loot blueprints of weapons with stats that depend on their rank and rarity.

The higher the rank is, the more powerful stats it has.

The higher the rarity is, the more different stats it has. (And lower drop rate.)

This way if you start with rank 1 Braton, having only the base stats and later you might loot a blueprint of Gorgon rank 1, craft it and then switch to that. But after few levels you might find a blueprint of rank 2 rare Braton which has better damage, better firing speed, has +2% fire damage and has more ammo. So you craft and equip it. Most likely.

Still keeping the crafting in the game, these would be only blueprints for said weapons.

Higher the rank and the rarity, the more it needs crafting items to craft it.

But don't make the crafting times really long for them, because finding these blueprints should be rather common. It's fustrating if you find a better blueprint while you haven't even finishded building the last one you found.

Also you should be able to cancel the crafting process, giving you back 90% of the crafting items.

And also already crafted items should be able to be salvaged. Giving you 50% of the crafting items.

To make things a bit more random, the stats have slight variations in value. If a rank 50 item gives you +100 shields, it has a possibility to give up to 20% less shields or more shields. So we can get rank 50 items that can give shields between +80 to +120.

Rank 10 item gives you shields between +16 to +24.

Blueprints, to be random even more, could have a small chance to contain an anomaly. This means that it gives one extra stat and one negative stat. The values depend on the rank of the item.

Some stats what weapons could have

-Clip size

-Firing speed



-Critical chance

-Critical damage

-Spare ammo

(Depends on the type of a weapon whether it's an automatic or semi-automatic or shotgun etc. And melee weapons behave as they do now.)

These would be the base stats. Can't really fire a gun without those being defined first.

Bonus stats

Every weapon can have bonuses to the base stats (reload speed, critical damage etc....)


-Elemental damage bonus

-Health gain per kill

-Shield gain per kill

-Energy gain per kill (tiny amount, only 0.1 points of energy per item rank)

-Stamina gain per kill

I'm sure everyone can come up with more.


Mods, aswell, have random stats and they depend on their rarity and rank.

Mods can't be crafted by yourself and can't be salvaged for items.

Weapon mods give stats similiar to weapon stats (obviously, but I mean that they can't give shields or hp and melee mods don't give more ammo).

Every weapon has one mod slot and for every sixth item rank they get one more.

Some mods can only be installed into specific weapons types, but one of the stats they give is 10% better than normal.

Warframe mods stats



-Health regeneration

-Shield regeneration

-Max shield capacity

-Shield elemental resistance (Fire, toxic, explosive etc...)

-Shield regeneration delay (the time it takes before shields start to regenerate after being hit)


-Armor elemental resistance

-Stamina regeneration

-Max stamina

-Stamina efficiency (sprinting and jumping uses less stamina)

-Sprint speed

-Melee damage

-Melee rate

-Energy regeneration

-Max energy

-Energy efficiency

-Power duration

-Power range

And so on...

Warframe specific mods that can be installed only to certain warfames has one of the stats changed which would normally give one of the stats listed above, would instead alter the effect of a certain Power.

For example:

Loki mod alters the Decoy power so that instead of 1 decoy you get 2.

Another Loki mod makes the decoy to deal damage.

And one Loki mod has a stat which gives you hp regeneration while you're invisible.

One Mag mod could have a stat which alters the Pull power so that instead of pulling only one target, you pull all enemies around you.

And so on.


It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Basically the weapons you carry around.

But let's customize.

In my opinion, you should be able to choose 1 to 6 weapons you want to carry around.

-3 weapon sets.

-Each weapon set has 2 slots; main hand and off hand.

-2 handed weapons take up both slots. Such as rifles, shotguns and hammers and axes.

-If you want to equip pistols in both hands they both have to be either automatic or semiautomatic. Otherwise things can get messy.

-Reloading time when equipping two pistols is as long as equal the length of both of the guns reloading time. So this means you get more damage with two pistols, but it takes longer time to reload them.

-Melee weapons and guns can't be equipped at the same time.

-If you have melee weapons in both hands, then the attack speed is the same as attack speed of the slower weapon.

-You can't equip a fist weapon and a bladed weapon at the same time.

What about empty slots then? What if I want to use only one weapon?


-Each empty slot can be equipped with an artifact

-Artifacts have their own random stats

-Artifacts also have mod slots. 1 per each six item ranks.

-Artifacts need their own type of mods

The amount and values of stats on artifacts depend on their rarity and rank.

The stats you can find on artifacts can be the same as weapon and warframe mods.

-Shield regeneration

-Power efficiency

-Max ammo for certain weapon type


They also can have stats what you don't have on weapons and warframes.

-Credit scavenger

-Pistol ammo scavenger

-Rifle ammo scavenger


-Mod scavenger

-Energy orb scavenger

-Artifact scavenger

-Team enrgy regeneration (tiny tiny amount)

-Team health regeneration

-Team stamina regeneraton


Hope you enjoyed reading. Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks :)

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I'm sure the level cap is going to increase when more content comes out. Most of these are already mods or artifact cards already. You might have found them yet but, I got an inventory filled with these things :P While I do agree there should be an increase of something as the weapon rank is increased besides of just relying on mods.

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