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Last Chance For Ember Prime In The Void

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Ember Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime Parts to enter Prime Vault
The mysteries of The Void have always presented unique challenges. 
The well-protected Orokin Towers are known to house Prime technologies, but there is word from beyond the realms of normal space that a part of this is evolving.  
On October 6, Ember Prime, Sicarus Prime and Glaive Prime will enter the Prime Vault, with all of their crafting parts abolished from The Void.  If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your inventory.  
The Prime Vault, an archive outside of Tenno reach, will house this gear until it returns. 
As a responsive measure, Red Veil Syndicate sacrifice, Ember Prime Helmet, will be replaced with an Ash Prime Helmet. Cephalon Suda Syndicate sacrifice, Glaive Prime, will be replaced with Lex Prime. 
Tenno, this week is your last chance to enter The Void in order to collect these items. Be sure to take advantage.
Q: Will my inventory blueprints be removed too?!
A: Nope. Anything in your Inventory/Foundry after being put into the Prime Vault will stay.
Q: Are these parts gone forever?!
A: Nope. Items in the Prime Vault have the chance to come back at a later date.
Q: Can I still trade Ember/Sicarus/Glaive Prime parts after the removal??
A: Yes you can!


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yo, sicarus receiver had me grinding for it for over a month, and nope



please DE, fix the drop rates of the next frame to leave before u take it away, frost`s systems was broken as hell, same goes for boar p barrel, and sicarus receiver, Ember BP and systems this time, so please, fix the freakin drop rates already on the warframe that will leave, and then take it away as u like.......


BTW, u do that to release a new prime, which solved nothing with drop rates dilution, had u distributed them better, and removed S#&$ like O cells and cores, everyone would`ve been happy


PS: u screwed forma over

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So.....what does this mean for people who need Ember Prime Helmet for Red Veil syndicate rank 5?

means t4 sabotage

for ash helmet if you didn`t get it

Hopefully it's the last time something gets removed from void.


I hate it.

nope, if a new prime is to be released, one oldie will beat it in order of release

also, >>>>my conclusions<<<< that to have the removed ones come back, I`d assume one to go, like rotations, one comes one goes, and they shift

tho I think this is a &#036;&amp;*&amp;*#(%&amp; bad way to solve drop tables` issue

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