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[Feedback] Deimos, Mars - Mobile Defense


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Overall the layout and design of Deimos - Mobile Defense is excellent.  However, the current enemy count is off the charts and slightly backwards.  Simply getting to the first console forced the use of three Pistol ammo packs when using a Rank 19 Aklato.  An additional Ammo pack was used trying to leave the map.  On top of the enemy spawn rates, during the first and all subsequent Terminals, less than a half-dozen enemy appeared.  Both situations need to be studied in order for them to be fixed.


The enemy make-up was fine.  Although, it was difficult at times due to the number of Corpus Tech that would appear in a single wave.


Warframe and Equipment loadout:

Rank 23 Ember

Braton Rank 28

Aklato Rank 19

Dual Heat Swords Rank 10



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