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Grineer Galleon Tileset, Dead Enemies Are Frozen In Place While Standing Up In One Specific Area


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I suppose this is the best section to post this in.


In the new Grineer galleon tileset (e.g. M Prime in Mercury), dead enemies are frozen in place standing up, not finishing their death animation, lingering for a few seconds before disappearing. It's in one specific area, similar to what you'd experience if you were the client connecting to a very laggy host. However this occurs even in solo/private.


This area is at the long walkway just below that huge cannon that fires shots into space (very cool ambient effect BTW). Everywhere else in the galleon, enemies die normally and death animations go smoothly.


Anyone else getting this bug?

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yeap, sometimes I get "death animation" bug,

it's not faction, mission, tileset, lag related



It's more of an optimization issue I think - it happens even when in solo/private with just me in the mission so it couldn't be lag.

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