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 Well, my second little grain to give some ideas so this game can be even better.

 First, I would like to say that I don't plan on touch on new warframes, as i see they are being poured in so badly that might be even annoying for some people already.

 I can't remember how I found out about the game, but after reading something about 'space ninjas' and seeing a video on youtube, I got into the game on the spot. After playing it for a few weeks now, I will try to expose what I THINK is the stronger points as well as the weak ones, and as a bonus (hope noone hates me for it) give some ideas.



 - The game goes way beyod the regular shooter, we are ninjas with guns! It is not just about taking cover, aim well, or shoot before they do. You actualy have to see your surroundings and use cover properly while taking the chances to attack, dodge, run around, get into startegic positions and all that using not just regular run and jump tactics, but with the help of some nice moves and abilities.

 - The 'random room' generator keeps it fresh to some extent by changing locations of some barrels, opening some doors, linking to a different room of the previous time you played the same map.

 - One of the things that keeps me the most interested is the stealthy gameplay that could offer in a future (the game is still beta)

 - The biggest of all... Those random events. I am not talking about the change of objective or adding an extra one at the end. I mean those icy situations and under attack. While the freezing condition is just normal gameplay but with reduced shields, the under attack one is by far the best of them all. Just seeing your enemy fighting with someone else that also is your enemy is kind of rewarding. Specially when you are running around under the heavy corssfire trying to steal their artifact or to destroy the core.



 - Unfortunately, the biggest downside of them all is the lack os a solid story. I love games mostly for the unique story they offer. You are just a Tenno, you just woke up and you are there, fighting for an unknown cause. Sure, Grineer wants you dead, Infested wants to hug you to become like them and the Corpus sees you as a prize to sell or study (not sure), so you defend yourself. What then? you keep raiding their ships for the sheer fun of it, maybe revenge, perhaps you are just unnemployed and need to do such to live. Later on this when I touch on the suggestions intead of a compilations of goods and bads.

 - As of now, it becomes kind of repetitive after a while, without a clear objective on hand other than an impulse to unlock every map on every planet.

 - The game is actually quite easy. Even though I am not a excellent player, I do consider myself to be fairly good. I know (as I have done it) I can solo each and every mission, not counting defense missions (sometimes a high level rescue mission becomes really hard for me). On top of that, if I am with other players (normally my cousin who is good at games too), the mission becomes rather a picnic with some breeze trying to impede me to eat my sandwitch. Almost half of my kills as of now are melee kills, and I would assume those should be not easy to get in a place where ranged weapons are pretty much everywhere.



 Now, to stop my whinign and longing, the fun part, to get some creativity in here.I will write some ideas that might be useful or at least interesting.


 1 - First of all, improve the capture mission. The way it is now, it is merely a raid mission where the target is in a high room instead of in a tube, you can just walk into the room, step on his foot, look at him menacily and in a second he is on the floor turning red and giving that chilling battle cry of freedom. I could recommend the guy to be able to defend himself in some way, Make him a lot thougher and to be able to run like hell on the whole ship while you have to chase him down with the whole bodyguard corporation on your back.


 2 - Traps! With the update 8, I know that the game fully supports that kind of feature. It is always challenging and more fun to NOT know what could be around there. This is specially needed as the game seems to use a 'room-node' randomizer. A room might be the same but the doorway not always leads to the same room each time (hard to explain or say, hopefully it can be understood). A floor that might or might not give up, a ceiling that could crumble on you, hidden guns on the walls activated by anything, pressure floor for example, or by trying to use a fake console (current turrets are quite obvious and are triggered by a now REALLY easy to spot camera). A hallway that closes and activates flamethrower by touching the handle of the staircase could be fun, the way to get out would be to shoot as certain sensors, lights or something like that (I know the handles are not very viable on this game, it was an example).


 3 - That war among your enemies occassion is awfully interesting... at least to me. The first time I saw an invasion of that kind was during a sabotaje mission on the asteroid. That huge room with 2 machines on th top floor and a feew spaceships on the open area (seems like a hangar). There were a ot of Grineer waiting for my magestic arrival and their inevitable demise when suddenly infested came. Seeing the mess from the high platform you get to that room was... wordless. Infested coming from different places and the little war began. I had to run avoiding infested and the fire from the grineer to the other side of the room while contributing a bit to the party they made. Eventually the grineer lost horribly as the infested pretty much just chewed thm down in a matter of a couple minutes. So the idea would be to keep that invasion longer. During normal gameplay, when this situation arises, you first encounter a faction, then a room where there might be two factions, and from then on, you just find the second faction. Would be better to find huge amounts of them fighting all over the place. To balance things, enemies not killed by the players should not give any kind of reward nor drops.


 4 - Something to exploit the capabilites of the game to be a ninja more (use those wallruns and that). While making a scenario impassable if not by linking wallruns and some acrobatic maneuvers would not be fair to those who might have problems performing them, reward in some way those who do it, like a nice crate at the end or a serious shortcut in some way. Maybe even a button that you press and make a door to open that shortens the path to the whole team, maybe to a hidden room, considering the 'room-node' structure of the game.


 5 - I wont touch stealth as I just saw a post related to it and was fairly complete.


 6 - I am having a hard time coming with ideas on how to make the game more challenging (Making the enemies deal more damage, have more health and that is not a real challenge, that's cheating and most of the time you just need to be a bit more resposive and shoot/hit more)


 After this very small post of the size of a novel I just wrote, I will leave thing like this. I would like to say more things, but as I said before, so many ideas and requests might be annoying for the developers, or for those people reading the forums... well, that assuming they do eventually read them or at least get some notice/information from them (I don't think the developers have the time to read the forums very actively... is 'actively' even a word?)

 This is part of a small attempt to put thing a bit more organized to be able to find things a bit more easily. The 'main post' is:


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