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List Of Suggestions.


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Let's cut short to the chase. Here is a number of suggestions which i have thought about it in the past few days.


1) Main Menu UI Improvement


There should be some sound notification when you received friend/clan request and message from your clan/friend chatbox. In addition to sound effect the respective 'friends' and 'chat' tab should glow brightly to attract the attention of the user.


2) Waypoint


Allow us to mark several mods at the same time. Once a player have obtained the mod, the waypoint should disappear. Even if another player who marked the mod's location with the waypoint, it shouldn't appear to the player who have already taken it. Also, increase the timer of the waypoint visible on the screen when marking for mod.


3) Foundry Screen UI


Allow us to sort the items in the Foundry menu. Like sorting via aphabet, item is currently being built etc


4) Boss Drop Tweak


Some tweaking ought to be done for this imo. Slained bosses should only have a chance of dropping uncommon/rare mods. Spending 5-10 minutes killing a lvl 50+ Jackal from an alert mission only to yield a Blunderbuss mod is....it makes me a sad panda. Maybe Mercury and Mars should remain the same since they belong to low level planets.



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Another list of suggestions:


Just where I got the idea from.




This is a pretty sweet idea. Ideally every mission type should have a unique reason to farm it.


I'm with you:


- all of these missions could add to a kind of "aggro-timer" that, when maxed out, would trigger a dojo defense event.


Defense missions could provide you with an NPC that the clan could equip over a length of time to help in either construction, research, or defense of the dojo.

Spy missions could grant full mission details on subsequent missions for a short time. (maybe a few hours)

Rescue missions could grant the construction contracts.

Raid missions could provide a rare resource to all participants, or a large amount of materials directly to clan coffers.

Extermination missions... maybe nothing. You're just there to kill, right?

Assassination missions could either greatly increase or decrease mission difficulty on your next mission against that faction depending on whether you threw the chain of command into disarray or made them angry.


- these missions could subtract from the "aggro-timer" allowing you to continue harassing them.


Deception missions could be used to lower the difficulty of a subsequent mission. (by diverting enemy forces away from an objective)

The same goes for Mobile Defense missions, since you are implanting false information and/or viruses.(And the chance to get an NPC)


These benefits would only trigger if you are a member of a clan though. And there may have to be a limit on how many of each mission type could be done and how many times the effects could work... or the "timer" could slowly fill up/count down on it's own and the missions taken by clan members could affect the timer. Left untouched, a raid by any faction might happen once every two months.


A successful defense would mean that the next raid by that faction would increase in difficulty, a failure would result in the dojo being badly damaged and requiring a day or two to repair before any projects could be started or completed this could be sped up by successful rescue missions.

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Yes please. Right now the missions we participate in feels very disjointed. We rescued a VIP but we have no idea where he went to. We captured enemy VIP and he disappeared right before our very eyes with Lotus just telling us they can interrogate him. It is missing that certain link. If our missions are connected and help out other players/future missions i will love this game even more!

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