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Idea For A New Time-Orientated Warframe (No Artwork Or Images).


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Basic Concept: The Warframe will be based around time manipulation via use of stasis and wibbely wobbly time tech. focuses on single target abilities.


Stats: Average armor, speed, health and shields.



1st ability: Stasis. 
Description: freezes a single targeted enemy for 15 seconds. Deals no damage. Has a range of 50 meters. costs 20 energy.


2nd ability: Age.

Description: Ages an enemy massively causing large amounts of damage (around about 50-100). has a range of 15 meters. Costs 25 energy.


3rd ability: Healing Youth.

Description: Heals one friendly for 150 health. Has a 10 meter range. Costs 20 energy.


Ultimate ability: Time Void.

Description: AOE attack that freezes enemy's and deals DOT in a circle centered on the Warframe. Has a 5 meter radius. Deals 25 damage per second over 10 seconds. Stasis lasts 10 seconds. Enemy's that enter the void are affected by the ability (like the banshees ultimate).


Appearance. Its gender should be male (if male and female forms for all Warframes are not introduced). should were a faceless smooth helm that has a stylized hourglass carved into its face plate. should have a very formless surface on the armor that is covered in carvings with lots of hourglasses intertwined with the patterns.


That's the basic idea please leave feedback and constructive criticism as you please.

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