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Dynamic Mission System Rewards (Don't Exist And That's Bad)


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TL;DR: Additional Mission Objectives should give their own rewards.  Rescue Missions should roll on the mission reward table.  Ice Missions should roll higher on the mission reward table.


I was running along in Nereid (because it's the highest level Void Key roll that drops Ferrite) doing my Raid when I was called upon to do a Spy mission as well.  I've done this probably a quarter-thousand times before and haven't really been frustrated by it until today.


My clan buddy has taken to simply abandoning the mission rather than doing any additional parts.  He doesn't care about the time he's already invested in the run, he's just tired of spending more time uselessly.


I farm Raid, Spy and Capture missions (mostly Raid and Capture) so that I can get a roll on the Mission Rewards Table (MRT) which includes Banshee component BPs (which I have) and Void Keys (which I want).  While this slogging grinding farm is rather uninteresting when one's frame is supercharged and maxed, it's my time and I'll waste it how I want.


But what I want is a reward for my time.  Every "This just got interesting...", every "It looks like there are data logs...", every "it seems there is a person of interest..." or "a prisoner has been found..." frustrates me because it's wasting my time without any purpose.


Back in Nereid, I backtracked to find all 4 data cores (because you always have to back-track) and then retraced my steps.  The travel distance in the mission tripled and the time investment was probably the same.  My reward for putting 3 times the time into the mission as it was?  A single roll on the MRT.


But I had just done two missions in one!  Lotus be damned, reward me for my putting up with your every request and whim.  Maybe the rolls get a bonus when the Dynamic additional mission shows up, but not one I've noticed.  The issue with dice rolls behind the screen are that you don't know how or if they are fudged.


This frustration with my time being wasted before getting or even seeing the tiny reward I had already earned got me to thinking about what other "Risk vs. Reward" mission dynamics provide added risk and no reward.  So here's a list that's been posted before by others and will probably continue to be posted by a line of different Tenno until addressed.


1) Dynamic missions: When I haul in two Orokin Artifacts, I should get two rolls on the MRT.  It's a simple fix to the frustration expressed above.  If I have to conduct a Capture and Spy mission on the same map, I should get the rewards for both, not one or the other.


2) Rescue Missions: With the highest risk of failure in the game, Rescue missions are garbage.  They provide no roll on the MRT and the hostage is always level 1.  It's actually better if the game bugs out and tells us to extract while we leave the hostage in their cell.  Rescue missions should roll on the MRT.  Period.


3) Ice Missions: Due to the higher risk of failure through death, Ice missions should roll higher on the MRT.  Assassination missions should have a guaranteed boss drop.  Maybe this already happens.  Maybe the blasted RNG is weighted in favor of those who brave the ice.  I don't know and can't be certain unless DE ever takes their dice rolls out from behind the shadows.


So there you are.  Just providing feedback on a frustrating disappointment I have with this aspect of the game.  I hope something comes of this.  Man this was a downer of a post.

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So I was thinking about this a little more and there are 2 more mission types that bug me in their limited reward: Deception and Sabotage. Both of these missions, thematically, destroy enemy resources.  Shouldn't we get more resources as a result?  So I would propose a bonus set of crafting mats at the end of those missions, probably equivalent to half a dozen pickups during the mission.


Defense (with revisions to the reward system) and Mobile Defense are fine by me at the moment.


Just following up my thoughts on how to improve the risk/reward system in the game and give each mission a reason to be played.

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