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Forget T3! Let's Stick To T1 Because...

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Forget T3! Let's stick to T1 because:


1) T1 do drop Latron Prime Receivers - I can confirm this personally as I got 1 from a T1 Raid run yesterday! I've read in the forum that someone got a Reaper Blade from T1 too.


2) T3 keys are so darn hard to get - I've been playing for easily 60 hours since U8 and have not gotten a single T3 key (despite playing high level defense missions in Ceres/Pluto).


3) It is easier to get T1 keys than T3 keys - A team of Warframes will clear the lower level missions much faster to get their hands on T1 keys as compared to higher level missions, other things constant. It is a numbers game, the more you grind, the faster you do it, the more CHANCES of you getting the desire parts/blueprints. Thanks to RNG. 


4) As the name suggest, T1 is much easier to run than T3 - This is quite self explanatory.


This is all theory and I may be way off the mark here. But given that I don't have the luxury of buying keys off the market, I figured running T1 (and an occasional T2) may be my best shot.


I'm not sure if T1 drops Frost Prime parts though, will need guidance from the more experienced players out there!



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I and 3 different friends can confirm that Tier 2 gives Receiver And Blade also Frost Prime System and Helmet.


Forma blue prints can also be found in Tier 2.


Tier 1 is mostly Reaper Handle ;|


Items from tier 3 are Latron bp, reaper bp, Frost prime Chassis, Forma, Forma blue print.


6 chassis and 5 Forma blue prints over here . -_-



Total 40 runs in Tier 1 and i got mostly Handle , some  Stocks  and Barrels.

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I've done well over 50 t1 runs and only received Stocks and Handles from them. Nothing else. Just Stocks and Handles...

I did, however, get two full Frost Prime sets (BP included) from t2 and t3 runs.

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lol seriously you guys are so damn lucky...

I did get all my frost prime pieces but I can't seem to get reaper blade or LP reciever... 

got about 21 stock and 15 handles :(

maybe drops rate is buggy atm. if we get some kind of a trade option soon it'd be so awesome.

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