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3 In Game Hud Issues (Energy, Sentinel, Lower Left)


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Here's a screenshot of my game at 1920x1080: http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/577864380313645818/0239CDC3050DFCE3364EE13784B904C027BB78DD/


Three things stand out to me about this picture:


1) I can barely read my energy amount.  That number is TIIINY!  It's not useful in combat and barely so outside of it.  There's plenty of room to double the height of the Warframe stat bar, on my screen at least, which could be used to make an actual energy bar and not just a wedged in element that refills itself every 100 energy and provides no use to the player when the player needs it most.


2) There is nothing for my Sentinel and/or Melee weapon.  I can check the ranks and resources in my guns and frame, but my sentinel's rank and resources are as mysterious as my melee weapon's.


3) There is nothing in the lower left of the screen.  Yes, the text box fits over there, but it's on the side of the screen covered by the Lotus and my health bar (which is another issue I'll not dive into).  The very bottom left corner, mirroring my ammunition count, is empty and sad and ripe for use.


That's all.  I'm looking forward to HUD improvements and just frustrated with these issues.

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Agreed with 1 and 2.

About number 3, the Item box (Q key) is there.

A) Item usage blows, it's a hassle to use and it takes all the oomph out of a mission every time I use it.

B) The status box that shows you and your teammates status (the Z key) cannot be used in conjunction with the item usage box.

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