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Tips On Maxing Redirection?


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I've got 3 levels to go, about halfway done with the current one, but it almost feels like I've come to a halt.

I used to only use fusion mods or mods with the same polarity for levelling. But I found so few that I fuse every excess mod, yet it still takes forever to max it.

Any tips?

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Farm Xini for mods.  You can get about 1 or 2 per wave on average.


Don't toss in V (offensive) polarity mods because you need those for Serration and Hornet Strike.


Spare Power Mods, Sentinel Mods, and Fusion cores all go into Redirection.  You may want to use bar (misc) mods as well.


But yeah, farm Xini with an Ember and you'll do fine.  I've got over 250 hours in and I still don't have mine maxed.  My roommate is about 175 hours in and did "unspeakable" things like chuck in everything, even rare mods, that he wasn't using to get his maxed.

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