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Ember 3Rd And Ult Ability Ideas


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Embers abilities have been subject for debate for some time due to her Ult being quite frankly useless, here are some ideas i thought of to try make her more effective :)

3rd- Wall Of Fire:

Similar to what Embers 3rd ability right now but instead of a circle a wall (line) of flame, this would cause less issues with verticality (stairs ruin her 3rd) and a slight damage buff would account for the lack of area covered.

4th/Ult- Fire Blast (modified)

Once again similar to her third but instead of just creating a ring have the whole area do AoE damage (i always felt that her 3rd was under powered due to not hitting inside the circle leaving you to get ganked by anything that survived the first tick of damage)

Just some ideas, leave some feedback if you like :3

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Ember's Fire Blast is pretty much useless, since it doesn't kill anything. Overheat cost less energy, does about same damage and offers huge damage reduction, when World On Fire cost little more and kills every normal enemy in room.


Fireball is also pretty useless. Before, I used it to stun ancients, but now I have kunais, witch cuts them faster than burning knife on butter.

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