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I've Got A Kubrow Name In Mind, But I'm Not Sure What Breed To Go For. Also, Kubrow Price Check If Possible.

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I've decided that I want a Kubrow named Scooby Doobrow but I can't figure out which breed of Kubrow to go for.  Sahasa make some sense since it's all about scrounging up food but so does Chesa. Huras makes some sense since it's all about stealth and hiding.  Just looking for some opinions, which breed do you think would work best?

Also, I've recently incubated this fellow and was wonder how much he might be worth.









I'm not the best at judging the color rarities, I believe it's a pale green,  sandy orange and grey/blue

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if you're confused between sahasa and chesa ... then go for sahasa.. the chesa kubrow is a total fail ... totally useless in missions. of course imo the huras is better than those 2 but not sure about the relation to scooby doo. 


this one is lotus and colors in order are : Grey - red - blue .. athletic ... so if you decide to breed it and got a chesa then aim for 300p+

if it's any other breed then aim for 200-300p for both prints

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