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Nav's New Map/environment Ideas.


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I have some ideas and I have tried to take an artistic/gameplay approach to try and flesh Warframes story/setting out a bit, not sure if some have been mentioned but here they are anyways.


-Orokin Desert, think Egyptian ruins and the pyramids. High level large desert areas connected/leading to Orokin facilities filled with traps similar to the void maps but for open play (no key requirement).


-Grineer and Corpus urban city environment, Large street level/or small interior skyscraper assault missions. Either of these would allow the artists so show off some of the civilian environments of the Grineer and Corpus worlds.


-Dark Jungle, think giant trees that could be built just as terrain with Grineer/Corpus/Orokin buildings thrown in to connect areas, this would get past rendering smaller flora and the problems that come with them but still let us have some more green in our color diet. I know requests for forest maps have been voiced often but I think with the less forest and more epic scale jungle idea it would not only be much easier to build but would also offer some extra gameplay as well.


-Deep sea Corpus Facility, think glass tubes allowing a peek into the deep. Not a very gameplay oriented idea but sounds cool. 


-Infested/Living bio-ship, a living ship born and raised by the technocyte collective. Another high level area with small interiors like the other ship environments but resembling internal organs. These maps could feature pools of digestive acid, long winding intestinal corridors, cystic masses on walls/floors/ceilings that heal/buff nearby infected. This map would even allow for new pure strain infested, homegrown on the bio-ship.


-Grineer Cloning facility, speaks for itself, think corridors with Grineer cloning vats and such. Sounds like a good defense mission map. 


-And finally, Ruins of the great enemy, leftovers from the ancient unknown enemy of the Orokin (the reason the technocyte was created), I would love to hear some opinions on what this could be.


As a bonus ALL of these environments can double as infested areas like the existing maps( I have particular interest in the Urban infested environment! ) So, what do you think? are there any environments you would like to add?

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