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Major Nerf: Negative Duration Increases Energy Per Second Consumed On Toggled Abilities


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178% duration

170% efficiency

130% power

40% range


No blind range on any of my frames, I don't use it.


Still I run out of energy super fast and peace maker, which was doing 5k-10k pre-patch, is now doing 551 even aiming for head shots. Just did a t2 survival where at the 35 mark peace maker became totally worthless and wasn't even dropping trash let alone denting the heavies. My nova p on the other hand still destroys stuff and I don't even have to look at my energy bar...it's always full no matter how much I spam.


Pls explain what is wrong then.

Your drain should be 3.75 per second (same as pre-patch) and each shot should be dealing 540 on non-crits and 1620 on crits.  After 40 shots your regular hits should be dealing 1350 and your crits 4050.  Keep in mind that this damage is subject to health type and armor adjustments.  


Idk what you were shooting to get your 5-10k number, or what buffs were affecting you.


I was mistaken; initial damage is lower than before, but will reach its previous value after 20 shots.  That's why it appears to do so little damage now.  

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It's funny because it seems like some of the min-maxers complaining are just learning the meaning of "trade-offs".

Found this on reddit the other day:


It basically says what the cost (not effective Efficiency) of toggled powers is, now that Duration and Efficiency both affect them. The lowest possible cost is if you get in the blue region, or at least on the line dividing blue and red. (Easy example: 175% Efficiency, 100% Duration is exactly on the line.)

As you can see, it takes less Efficiency to lower a cost than Duration; it's not even possible to get to 25% cost from +Duration alone (it would take 400% Duration to get to that point). It's just that for toggled abilities, the cost is squarely in the green zone with Fleeting alone, roughly halving the gain compared to before.

No constitution, graph is S#&$

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I can't do 40 shots...my drain is around 10 a second now...not 3.75 like you say it should be. So wtf.


I guess my mesa is broken.


edit. did 60 mins t2 with nova...no issues, could have gone longer but I was hungry. My mesa struggles to go past 40 unless I use mainly OP weapons. Nerfed.

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