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17.5: Frequently Reported Problems

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DE please see this >


17.5.1 Health Bars Very Small When Not Above Enemy And Are Always Reversed


The health bars are reverse and I don't think this is intentional since Health bars always drained from left to right. The shield also got flipped to be on the other side


They also don't scale back up to a easily readable size when you turn the health above enemies option off.






And here's a handy comparsion of the old HP bar and the new one.



Another problem being experienced by many is the reverting of 'HP Bar above enemy' option from Off to On, after every login / restarting the game.

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before 17.5 I had 11 Arcane Strike enchantments: 1+2 in syandana, 3 in application process, 5 more spare.

and now I have only 7 Arcane Strike enchantments: 1+2+3 in syandana, 1 more spare.


4 Arcane Strike enchantments just disappeared.

err... that doesn`t feel right.

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I noticed that in Eris - Survival Mission only spawn lesser Infested rather than Ancient etc.(only Charger, Crawler, Runner, Mutalist Osprey and see a couple of Mutalist-MOA 1 from each type). It intended or not I stay there for 21 minutes not a single Ancient Infested.

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I don't know if it's okay or is it a bug, but I don't see any power cell carriers in Excavation missions, and no units in Void except Corrupted Lancer and Corrupted Crewman. Just had a regular T3S solo 40-minute run, and haven't seen a single Osprey, Heavy Gunner, Bombard, Nullifier or MOAs. Also, The Orokin Towers look... fainted.

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At present, I have encountered that the game now does not recognise the difference between the Analog Stick and the D-pad for my controller any more.


Using Steam Big Picture Mode, it now acts like my Logitech F710 is a conventional Xbox 360 controller arrangement, whilst it's closer to a PS3 arrangement, which it has never done before. Practically speaking I can't actually map to adapt around this, because the Analog stick in the schemata screen doesn't have more than 2 functions that can be bound to it.


I've yet to see if I can make it function run 'pure', but as I use the Big Picture mode out of preference, this is rather inconvenient.


Update: Having checked the game in 'Pure', it still experiences the same problem where the game now believes that my Left Analog Stick is the D pad, and the D pad is the Analog Stick.


Practically speaking, the game is now convinced I'm using a 360-style controller, and cannot be brought to bear for a PS3-style controller like the Logitech I'm using. Long as this is the case, I just can't play comfortably, which is pretty much 'at all'.


To reproduce these issues, simply use a PS3 Style controller for the game, in either Big Picture or Pure mode, and you should be able to see the problem, especially when it comes to the problem of trying to rebind. The game is defaulting and recognising only a 360 type of controller now, which is a new problem.

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Twice in a row I've run the Mobile Defnse on Kappa Sedna and after the first two console protections, when we activate the panels to reveal the orokin artifact/cryopod the timer never shows up and the spawns drop to 1 or 2 every 10-30 seconds.  I'm going to go test and see if this'll happen while I'm Solo.



EDIT: Bug also happens solo. The two consoles work fine, timer shows up and spawns are normal. Once I press the button for the orokin artifact/cryopod and it gets into position Lotus says she's "in" and to protect the console.  Spawns die down and no timer appears. The pod is marked on my map as the current target.


Same thing for me too. I am STILL in this mission, unable to complete, but I really want to since I got two Orokin Cells. But I guess I have to quit, god dang it.



Friggin Cryopod. 3 times in a row. Still bugged.


Grineers having aim issues and targeting problems... seemed to aim at Cryopod but, i dunno


Cannot abort...

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supra cant use ammo mutation anymore


when i logged in they were removed from all my supra loadouts and they dont even appear in the mod selection


it works for every other weapon i have looked at, but not for supra

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