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I Don't See My Artifacts




2 days ago i wrote to support about this but they didn't answer ( still waiting ).

What is my problem? - I do not see any artifact on my "artifact wall".


I have played like 9 alerts - 8 completed and 1 failed and I have 0 artifacts.





I'm using Polish language ( yeah, siemka )


If you know how to fix this or what I must do to see them please help :)


And sorry for my bad English.

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Well. My first question would be... Was it an alert with a question mark? Second question would be... If you finished the alert with the question mark, did it say that you received an artifact? (example ENEMY RADAR or RIFLE SCAVENGER?)

It would tell you after a mission that you received one after the mission was completed in where it tells you what mods you have recieved.

If not then you either got blueprints or something else.

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Most of alerts that i have completed were with "!". And yes - i recived a blueprint :)

Well, everytime I clicked on "ALERTS" under "NEWS" in left side of screen. Didnt eye-catched is it "!" or "?"

But 1 time that I remember:

I finished alert and saw my team ( 3+ me ) - everyone wore an artifact. When I clicked on my artifact ((rifle scavenger or something) to change it i think ) it became "no artifact" :|


And again:


I had EQipped like "more pistol ammo from enemies" - when i clicked to change it I saw nothing again and it became no artifact...

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