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The Omni - New Jack-Of-All-Trades Warframe


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The Omni


A warframe which can use any power of any warframe you currently own. Powers still occupy their normal slots (e.g., you can have Slash 'n Dash or Shuriken, but not both)


Base Stats:


Health: 75 (Below Average)

Shield Capacity: 75 (Below Average)

Power: 100 (Average)

Armor: 50 (Average)

Shield Recharge: 20 (Average)

Sprint Speed: 1.0 (Average:

Polarities: 4x =, 2x -


Power Efficiency: -25%


Players will like this because they'll be able to pick and choose powers to make a warframe which suits them, though at the cost of durability and power.

DE will like this because it will encourage players to collect a wide array of warframes (at least 4 to get one ability for each slot, plus one warframe slot for Omni).


Please post your thoughts on the balancedness of this warframe and/or to concoct your dream power suite for your Omni.

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I believe that this frame would make all others redundant, including new frames. I know that the drop rate for powers is low (kind of) but you'd still have no reason what so ever to create any other frame for the duration of your stay in Warframe! Well, unless you want a different look but that's a moot point.

It's a decent idea, but it needs to be refined.

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