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End Game - Hard Mode Suggestion !


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I have some suggestions about the end game:


I know that the game is still in beta, but at the moment missions are pretty easy, even on Pluto.


I think it could be a good idea to add a hard mode (or heroic, or whatever…) where level 30 players (only them) could play every existing missions (from Mercury to Pluto) with Increased difficulty, enemies with increased level…etc…


In fact it would be similar to Diablo progression, when players finish the normal mode they start again in nightmare mode.


Here are some examples for the Hard mode features :

-Only accessible to lvl 30 players

-New/Best mods would have a better drop rate (or drop only in this mode)

-Skill mods wouldn’t drop anymore (players are already lvl 30...)

-Level on ‘Mercury-Hard mode’ would be higher than ‘Pluto-Normal mode’

…and more cool stuff to think of...


With this new Hard mode, players could farm any resources and have a challenge.

-For example: currently if you want some Ferrite, the highest planet to farm is Neptune lvl14-28.

And you have to play with a low level warframe or weapons to have some fun and challenge.

The hard mode would allow to farm ferrite with a new ‘high level Neptune’ (maybe around lvl60), offering a challenge for players at lvl30 and dropping better stuff.



I’m sure there would be other alternatives for end game features.

For instance, the Diablo 3 ‘Monster power level’ feature which allow high level characters to choose among 10 difficulty levels, increasing enemy level and giving better drops could be a good warframe feature too.


Anyway, thank you for this awesome game. And keep releasing more cool stuff, I love it.












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