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[Suggestion]Melee Overhual - Increasing Viability Thread


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Well hi

First of all please excuse me my English is not strong and 2nd please contribute on the idea on how we can improve melee to be less generic, thanks.


As for all of you guys know, the melee system right now got a bit quiet generic and boring as you can say new weapons are a re-skinned of the older ones, jump attack doesn't make much differences and Long swords are utterly useless despite it's decent stat and normal attack of any melee weapons are basicly not useful in any situation except for the fangs.


Now onto the Ideas I had/suggests.


As so the problem goes I think it would be nice to have every melee have AoE but make the different categories of melee weapon different by their AoE and speed, and different charge attack pattern based on specific melee weapon's ability.


AoE idea - every melee weapons should have AoE (on both charge and normal attack) but this will falls apart by the reach of it's AoE defined by it's stat and type of melee weapon

for example Long sword should have a mid-short range AoE, daggers should have almost no AoE or really close but deals higher damage/crit and Heavies should have larger AoE but slower in general.

and as for stat and personality of the weapon, there should be a weapon that deal pure damage in sacrifice of it's AoE such as Daggers and Fists so the players play-style will be varied.


Different charge attack pattern idea - charge attack pattern [and maybe it's normal attack's AoE or just AoE in general] should be defined based on the melee weapon's stat and ability as for really high charge attack damage weapon will have straight up damage to only one enemy aka vertical slash, dealing full damage to only one specific enemy or 100 percent stagger weapon should have less AoE.


As for light normal and heavy melee what's tell them apart is attack speed, and range.


what do you guys think?, let's refine the whole idea more so basicly we don't have to complain about the reskinned weapon anymore and more variety and play styles.


Thanks for reading.





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Outside of repeating animations, not sure what all I would want changed. The big one that sticks out for me is that GRAM & Plasma Sword seem quite useless in comparison to other melee weapons. The damage vs speed difference doesn't help them much. Tried to like them, but even if comparison to other slower weapons they just seem to fall short. Not entirely sure how that could be fixed outside of increasing the damage a little, or maybe hastening the animations some.

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