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Stalker Warframe Idea


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Today I was thinking about the Stalker, yeah, that Stalker. Then I thought, it's a warframe after all, so why don't make it playable and very hard to get.


This is my idea:


Make the Stalker be able to drop a key that leads to his lair, but it's very rare to get, and it's like 10% or less, inside the other chance of getting somethign dropped, and that "key" is a blueprint that you have to gather materials (much like the Hate) and then you can go into the Stalker's lair.


In his lair, there could be robots that defended his lair, that could be, like, at lvl 40 enemies and some traps (like in the Void). At the end of the "lair" you find the Stalker's "zen room". The Stalker's level in this "stage", could be raised 20 more levels above the highest level of the player party. Like if the player's Warframe level is 30, it could be lvl 50 or 60.


Then, if you could reach to kill the stalker, he could either drop chasis,the systems or the head blueprints (the chance of if it always drop soemthing or not always is yours) or the Stalker blueprint.


As the void, everything is almost the same rooms (about 20 diferent rooms, loot rooms excluded), I dont exactly know how hard it could be.


The Stalker lair's key wouldn't be able to purchase with platinum, as I think it could be a reward to payers who play a lot and would like to achieve something very hard to get.


The abilities that the stalker would be able to use, are quite diferent than the other warfarme because he could sue "some" of other warfarme's abilities, exchanging the ultimate slot.


The abilities that the stalker would be able to use are:


Ash's Smoke Screen and Shuriken

Excalibur Slash dash and Super Jump

Volt's Speed

Ember's Fireball (maybe)

Frot's Snow Globe (maybe)

Banshee's Sonar (maybe)

Mag's Pull

Loki's Invisibility

None of Saryn abilities (because STalker doesn't leave any toxines)

None of Rhyno abilities (Stalker is not a tankish Warframe)

None of Nyx abilities (Stalker doesnt use telekinisis, I guess)

None of Vauban abilities

None of Trinity abilities (Stalker isn't support either)


You could always discuss what in or what off.

Just an Idea.

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