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So Sentinels...


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We have a:

Stealth Sentinel = Shade

Offensive Sentinel = Dethcube

I'd say Defensive Sentinel = Wyrm (if crowd control could get a buff to the distance the enemy is thrown)

What about other aspects that sentinels could focus on?

How about:

Mobility, either specifically running, or any kind of acrobatics.

Melee damage.

Defensive(Shield) instead of crowd control.


Any other ideas?

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Okay, okay. This is a slap-job but...




Appearance, don't care.


First Precept- Probability Engine, basic laser pistol type weapon precept. Except the catch is it has a chance to inflict status effects and random damage. What does this mean? 0.5% chance to deal something such as...600 damage, 50% chance to inflict burn, 15% chance to restore shields instead of attacking.


Second Precept, Directional Shielding. Getting shot by an enemy moves your shield to that side of you for two seconds. This directional shielding is perhaps 25% more resistant to damage, but you're vulnerable on your exposed sides until the effect wears off. Wow..this precept is just bad and my backspace key is too good to delete such a bad idea. Coming up with a new one.


Alternative second precept...let's say, when your shields are depleted you gain Adrenaline, boosted melee damage or speed increase.


Alternative Alternative second precept, Shield Dispersion, when your shields are broken, nearby allies gain a portion of your shield total. Up to a cap of 200 shield.


These ideas are fueled by Marilyn Manson, so don't blame me if I'm not in the true Tenno spirit.

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I like the mobility, but
We already have healing and shielding

Sanctuary gives you a shield when helping revive allies(shield/defense), and another skill gives the warframe the shields from the sentinel when they're depleted (heal)

But I could go for mobility.

not sure how things would proc though.

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Perhaps if a keybind was added for Sentinel abilities, you could proc 'Stored Charges' that Gearbox gathers, he shoots people, gains charges, you can use these for speed boosts or Melee boosts.


This bind would also be a good way to fix Crowd Dispersion on Wyrm...I mean, if it actually had an effect, I mean the fact you can't trust the AI to activate it.

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I really like the sentinels...in theory. I think of them as 'completing' my character build, I'd love to see them continue to grow in utility, I really love what they bring to my game. For all two minutes that they survive. Invariably, whenever I find myself in a situation where I need my sentinel the most, it's a situation they can't survive. Not to stomp on OP's idea, I think it's a good one. I myself would like to see something in a 'fetch' utility, for when I'm sniping at baddies and am held down in a position so long their drops start to disappear.


But ATM having a sentinel still feels more like being on a permanent escort mission than having a semi-wingman. I'd like to spend more time developing new strategies that my sentinel makes possible than worrying about keeping it alive.

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Apothecary, Painkiller restores HP, Stimulant boosts defense and attack for a short peroid. Weapon is a precsion laser beam.

Ion, Overcharge boosts shield capacity and recharge, Repulse reflect projectiles. Ionic dispersion rifle.

Armadillo, Taunt draws the ire of your enemies to it, Barrier immune to damage for a while. Sawn-off Hek.

Just an idea.

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Everyone who makes.


Talk like.



Because it's easier to convey a list of ideas without the reader having to search through a paragraph. Honestly, it's the lazy-man's way of making a list without looking up how to html.


Good ideas so far everyone. Apothecary and Gearbox sound awesome.

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