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Hiding Under The Cryopod!


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On the defense map Kiste on planet Ceres, you have to defend two data terminals and then defend a cryopod that appears afterward. On more than one occasion, I've clipped through the tram that carries the cryopod out. When it happens (and I'm not sure how), it happens only for me (not my allies). The cryopod is still solid; I can't pass through it.




There's a little ridge directly under the crypod that runs the length of the track. If I walk off of it onto the slightly lower ground, my screen blacks out as if I jumped off a cliff, and it then sets me back on that little ridge.




I don't have a screenshot, but I've also had an instance where I could walk through only the cryopod on the defense mission Helene.

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This happens on more than 50% of my games using this map.  Since UP8, it's even worse.  Now when I fall through, any movement gives me the black screen and resets my position as if I had fallen off the map.  Sometimes it takes 5 - 10 attempts at jumping out before it finally lets me out.

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