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@de Your Placing Yourself In Line For Failure.

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DE i made a topic before about your becoming to greedy. Which you really are and it's really sad.


But either way your seriously placing yourself in line for mass failure. Why well there's quit a few reasons but i am only going to cover the major points at the moment of writing this.


1: This is the first and well seriously the biggest. Dojos and clan size ok lets point out 1 major thing here Warframe is a Thrid Peson Co-Op shooter <<<<< biggest point right there. Now your failing in this aera by forcing the making of these UBER/MEGA large clans. Now this would be fine if this was some huge MMORPG Major differences between a game that can handle these clans and Warframe are


         : CONTENT - warframe in no way has 1/10 of the content to support these mega clans.


         : RNG - the RNG in this game is horrible it's RNG on top of RNG on top of RNG. Now big MMO's can get away with this because there's a huge amount of content and 900 different ways to obtain materials and things needed.


Warframe is serverly lacking in both areas and i mean severly.


2: Your prices are nuts. Ok! maybe no one is noticing this or even think about things before they buy something. But maybe you all should start. Lets take the new items going back to 7.10. <<< This is where your greedy path starts.


         Three new mods - Retribution, Handspring, Thunderbolt - Placed in a crazy priced platium package < Drops rates nerfed into uber rare, almost no chance for it to drop period. Why because of the platium packaging.


         WhatStalker? Package - OMG this one is a joke 800 platium for 3 weapons and smoke color pack. Most expensive weapon in-game is 225 platium now even going buy that maxing all 3 weapons at 225 platium and the smoke pack 75 plat comes to 750 platium. Boy you suckers that bought that package got riped off hahahaha. Next brings to Stalker used to show up damn near 1-3 missions after killing a boss. Now stalker has been nerfed into well barely ever showing.


        Forma - Was meant for polarizing weapons and frames all we knew about - huh go figure its needed in mass amount for dojo building - and its drop rate next to none.


        Void Keys - I think we all know how greedy this one is. Rarely drops and once you get to the void the drop rates of going to the void are just horrible and a joke.


        Locked Inventory - This is just well double dipping IMO, By addign the Forma and abiltity to polarize slots should of gave way, This would of inticed more forma buying instead of having to buy a slot + forma to keep going.



These are just some major strong points. But in the end the road to failure is sever lack of content, lack of different ways to obtain Items other then RNG stacked on RNG, Forcing the building of Mega clans this is a shooter not a MMORPG, Platium greed mongering in the form of over pricing and ninja nerfing the RNG drop rates.


So i think you need to seriously step back DE and take a strong look at what your doing and really think about the path your heading down. It's not looking good at all specially to new comers.


Sure this will get flamed.

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