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8.0.5: It's Getting Hot(Fix) In Here

Recommended Posts Hotfix @ 10:55 PM EST:


- Volt in Void Missions fixed.

- Broken Textures in missions fixed.

- Removed Placeholder text strings.

- Ran Script to fix up accounts affected by Void Key Pack changes.




- Fixed Sonic Boom damage on client
- Fixed Ash Shuriken and Nyx Psychic Bolts not functioning correctly on clients
- Fixed exploit where an Orokin Void mission could be started without the host directly using a Void Key
- Fixed dueling in Dojo breaking after a host migration occurs
- Fixed clients not connecting to new host when host migration occurs in Dojo
- Fixed not being able to sell Blueprints received from Orokin Void missions
- Void Key packs are now guaranteed to include one rare key
- Increased drop rate of Reaper Blade and Latron Prime Receiver to "Common" for Void Level "III" Missions
- Sentinel buffs: improved firing accuracy, plus extended attack range for Warrior and Revenge to 15m
- Decreased volume on DethCube firing effects
- Launcher improvements: Added a new content download system and verification tool. You can trigger a verification scan from the launcher settings to repair corrupted files in place without having to re-download the entire game. Content updates are now even more rigorously checked for corruption and the launcher now includes download statistics for the content update phase.

EDIT: Added note regarding Orokin Void blueprint drop rates.


EDIT 2: Here is a link of what to do for those who have bought past Void Key Packs https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/53908-805-its-getting-hotfix-in-here/page-13?p=557788#entry557788 ... make a support.warframe.com ticket.


EDIT 3: All Void Key Pack issues, see this PSA: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/54035-psa-void-key-packs-before-udpate-805/


EDIT 4: A bug that was limiting Dojos to 40 components has been fixed and will be deployed in an upcoming hotfix. The limit is still there, but is now 64 components.

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