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Hotfix 17.6.1

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Conclave Changes


  • Each Warframe has been given their own Bullet Jump Speed in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of the Lie in Wait PvP Mod.
  • Increased the damage of the Vectis Prime in PvP.
  • Reduced the damage of all Elemental Bullet Jump Mods in PvP.
  • Reduced the percentage of base damage Immolation uses for its DoT in PvP.
  • Reduced the duration of Cold’s slow debuff in PvP.
  • Reduced the duration and amount of damage Loki’s Invisibility can take before it breaks in PvP.
  • Removed the ‘Leave Conclave’ button from the Host at the End of Match screen to help prevent issues with migration and reward loss as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/538897-pvp-remove-the-leave-conclave-button-in-the-reward-screen/




  • Increased the Kavasa Prime Collar’s Armor to 100 - when equipped, Kubrow now get an additional 100 Armor.
  • Corpus Nullifiers will no longer destroy Frost’s Snow Globes if Frost enters the Nullifier Shield and globes are placed elsewhere.
  • Allies can now walk through Atlas' Tectonics.
  • Made some audio and timing adjustments to the Liset’s landing cinematics at the start of Missions on Earth’s Forest tileset.
  • Improved the quality of the Mantis’ drop off cinematic audio FX.
  • Improved the resolution on Trinity Prime’s image in the Market.
  • Simaris’ active Synthesis Target will now show its progression in the Landing Craft’s World State Window.  This will appear only after accepting the target from Simaris in the Relay.
  • Infested Carrier Drones now have a unique explosion FX.
  • Added visual FX when using the Mantis’ Air Support.
  • Added a slight glow to the player reticle to improve tracking on orange backgrounds.
  • Electric projectiles of the J-3 Golem will now target the closest player to the Golem.
  • Adjusted the context action button on the Liset’s Air Support.
  • The Liset’s Air Support will now also disable any nearby cameras.
  • The Liset’s Air Support will now pause any timers in Spy and rescue Missions that are active while the beacon is up.
  • Panels now flicker while Ordis is in control of enemy security systems via the Liset’s Air Support.




  • Fixed Trinity Prime and the Prime Dual Kamas not appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed the Fluctus not doing any damage to the J-3 Golem.
  • Fixed the wrong faction loot crate being spawned in Void Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed the Kaszas not properly displaying channeling FX.
  • Fixed using Valkyr’s Hysteria multiple times locking players into Hysteria, preventing the use of any weapons.
  • Fixed the Sonicor’s projectiles not being stopped on Nullifier shields.
  • Fixed Valkyr taking damage from broken windows while in Hysteria.
  • Fixed some modular corpus helmet animations not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the J-3 Golem’s summoned nanites to be instantly destroyed when not targeting the Host.
  • Fixed Mirage’s clones having an incorrect fire spread when using the Phage as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/536814-mirage-hom-phage-resets-when-switching-between-clones/
  • Fixed Atlas’ summoned Rumblers not dying when entering Nullifier bubbles.
  • Fixed the Mantis Landing Craft Segment Blueprint not appearing in the Landing Craft category.
  • Fixed the Mantis blueprint not showing as owned and craftable if the player already owns a Mantis Landing Craft.
  • Fixed the camera shaking excessively or moving across the map when respawning as a Client.
  • Fixed headshots / kill FX not properly displaying when slain by Loki during Invisibility, or during cabin depressurization.
  • Fixed the Kubrow’s collar not being hidden during the last Mission in the Howl of the Kubrow Quest.
  • Fixed the Spira not sitting properly on multiple Warframes when holstered.
  • Fixed a hacking console sometimes not appearing for players in Grineer Spy Missions on the Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed Air Support not working in Missions on the Grineer Underwater Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed the Copy Main Colors option under Kubrow customization moving to default colors instead of copying player customization.
  • Fixed players being able to get stuck inside of the columns of Archwing Defense.
  • Fixed projectiles from Infested Carriers in the J-3 Golem fight not properly dealing damage to players.
  • Fixed planets in the Landing Craft’s skybox getting a little too close to other objects.
  • Fixed the Archwing’s Affinity bar disappearing due to the equipped Warframe being at max level.
  • Fixed improper timing in Landing Craft fly-in cinematics for Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed a mission portion of the minimap that would appear near extraction on the Orokin Derelict tileset.
  • Fixed an error providing players with 0 energy drain when using Ember’s World on Fire or Chroma’s Effigy if they fell off the level into a pit, etc.
  • Fixed the Liset’s Air Support unintentionally disabling doors, making it impossible to complete missions.
  • Fixed gifted Warframes not properly coming with a Reactor pre-installed.
  • Fixed a double-space appearing in the Scindo Prime Blade description.  
  • Fixed Trinity Prime’s helmet dangles swapping to other non-Prime helmets.
  • Fixed players being unable to access the Mastery Rank 21 test.
  • Fixed Host migration in Spy Missions causing the Data purge timer to freeze.
  • Fixed an effect from Rest being frozen solid from Atlas' Petrify. 
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  • Corpus Nullifiers will no longer destroy Frost’s Snow Globes if Frost enters the Nullifier Shield and globes are placed elsewhere.

    but they do still destroy Volt's shields and Limbo's cataclysm (or even unbanish allies) if limbo/volt enters a nullifier globe

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