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Suggestion for mod droprate


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After the moddrop system was changed I had a nice idea how it could be improved.

It would be nice if you still get the chance to find higlevel mods on lower levels.

Situation at the moment (example):

You go on a lvl 10 Mission because you want to lvlup ... a Burston (lvl 5)

but you still got a Warframe (lvl 30)

and a Bronco (lvl 15)

a Skana (lvl 17)

At the moment (as far as i know) you got a dropchance for

-Burston mods (something around lvl 5) ...maybe good

-Warframe mods (something around lvl 10) ....trash

-Bronco Mods (something around lvl 10)...mostly trash

-Skana Mods (something around lvl 10)...mostly trash

Most of the stuff you will get is trash.

My idea is to balance the dropchance based on your (rifle-, warframe-, pistol-, melee-) level.

If you do a low mission the difference between your level and the equipment you use influences

the dropchance.


If your lvl is 90% higher than the Mission the droprate for mods on your equipmentlvl is only 10%

If its 80% its 20%

If its 70%...

So you still have a drop chance on lower lvls while leveling your guns.

What do you think ?

Surely the % can be optimized ... ist just an idea.

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