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The Individual Theory

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Now their are many theories out their on what the warframe or what's inside the warframe really is among the things I decided to do in this theory was removed the idea that DE exist and that the players exist to control the Tenno.

Now let me specify we still are in control of the Tenno ,but is different if we remove the idea we are player and we are in control .what we have if this wasn't a game would be us being the Tenno but because this is a game what we have is the perspective of the Tenno

If we play the present story we do have of the Tenno as if we are the Tenno and the Tenno are individuals what we get is very good play lore following the adventure of a Tenno that woken up and is fighting the empires with other Tenno who also have woken up.As the Tenno fight the boss and recover other warframe part and rescue Tenno who sleep.this warframe that are build is also contain an individual.

when your switching warframe is just a change of the perspective.

Now how I believe in all basic the switching of warframe occurs is 1st Tenno goes to rest or sleep while he tags out passing the oro(who we now know is the energy inside the Tenno)to the sleeping Tenno allowing the 2nd Tenno to go fight.the oro is no the conceicious or the Tenno is just the energy necessary to awaken or to bring back to life the individual Tenno inside the warframe.

then after this occurs the camera change and we have the 2nd Tenno perspective.

Now to talk about what occur or what are the warframe and the Tenno

Lore wise we are told that the Tenno are twisted individual that return back from the void who had gained power the lore also tells us that the orokin took this people build iron clad armors to channel their affliction.

So we know the Tenno and the warframe are two different things.

Now what I suspect is the occurrence of what the Tenno are which this is lore speculation but as the Invidual enter the void he was changed by it being able to gather and use this energy inside of them and gather energy from the outside to perform a new found power that they acquired.this power is more like a general chaotic raw form of their power.example even mber p codex entry the child outside the warframe was able to burn someone

Now what the warframe is an armor that channels the energy the Tenno releases which in turn uses this energy and controls it to perform their powers according to the capability of the warframe.The matter being a warframe to use a power just needs the energy Tenno body releases.Which in turn can help explained Mesa more exact Alan v Mesa it had infested flesh.

In my idea this infested flesh was kind of like us except it only made energy but alad v collar controlled the warframe not the flesh.resulting as lotus said puppeted flesh.

Well if you guys have any question or any remark to this theory I will gladly answer it if you guys think I have made mistake somewhere please inform me and if you have acces to info I might have overlooked feel free to post it as well as your opinion

If you guys got anything interesting to add plz by all means post let's be constructive

and nice

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