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This Is Really &!$$ing Me Off


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Well as stated above this is a co-op game, solo won't work.

The first boss i defeated was killed in two minutes.

Two people were shooting and me and another guy were slicing to oblivion.

Captain Vor is very soloable. It takes a bit of work and you should upgrade your MK-1 to a standard (or something else, I guess), but it is perfectly doable, especially if you've got revives stored for the day.

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Solo works just fine, I played mercury all by myself when i first started cus i just wanted to get a feel of the game before seeing 3 people running around crazily. And also, try to anticipate what the enemy will do. Pay attention to his movements, and when he warps DODGE forward, not back. And don't complain about lack of power when you just started the game..

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Captain Vor (or something like that?) right? The pink guy with a glowing pink wand-like thing?!

Depends on what warframe you're using, but assuming it's Excalibur like i am he is very (very) easy to kill and without much time invested in the game. After playing for three days for up to 4 hours per day i was able to farm him solo while half-sleep.

I use:

* Excalibur at least with at least 100 points of power and 150 shield/health.

* Slash-dash power

* Any gun with a high rate-of-fire and moderate accuracy. Burston and/or Aklato will do, and make sure they have a electricity mod on (it stuns him for a brief second).

First, he is also on a large area of the map, and assuming the map marker is pointing to the middle of the map and not to a door, then that's your cue that he is inside that area. Go in crouched, slowly towards the door. Let it open, kill anything you see while trying not to get his attention.

Once you cleared some of the grineer in the room, get his attention and make him teleport to you. Then you try to keep at least 10 feet away from him at all times, and spam Slash-Dash at him until you run out of power (make sure you're hitting him). After that he should be at half health (if not, at least his shields will all be gone). Then keep circling him and unloading whichever gun you have with the highest damage (and the electricity mod). If he teleports to you, dodge away from him and keep circling him while shooting. Soon enough he'll be dead.

After the first two or three times you kill him, you'll find out he's one of the easiest bosses out there, which makes him very usefull to level new unranked guns and warframes. (Specially if you have an affinity booster on).

Any questions just shoot away.

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