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Blueprint and obtaining weapons.


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So there is sword that you can obtain blueprints of, what about making pistol/rifle/sniper/shotgun blueprints that you can only get thru blueprints, and why not make these only obtainable thru hard missions?

So you gotta go a bit struggle to get them instead of just being lucky and farm it, have a a hardmode planet, with only bosses after each mission that has a chance of dropping and one blueprints like these.

Also making them really hard ofc i know it will take time to make sure, but you can start with one mission on one planet.

then you can patch more in over time when you got time for it?

this encourages playes to try kill hard bosses instead of faceroll farming a`la diablo style.

Also getting epic mod blueprints with 3 stats on it that also unique to weapon, like bolto and not "rifle" so its hard to collect.

This enhances the longlivity of the playing a la diablo style, but gives the game also intressting like world of warcraft where you look for raiding a new boss for a new stuff.

Sort of like that if you catch my drift add an element to buy stuff if you want to some things to earn some money for this awsome game.

But keep most of it to be tried to be collected by the gamer so you cannot buy everything :)

What do you guys think?

i know its my idea but id love to get this into the game!

New enemys/new bosses with hard mechanics etc would be so fun! :)

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