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Weird Air Support Behaviour

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So I was doing a Survival Invasion (on corpus Versper, Venus), and hit a cracked reinforced glass triggering the lockdown.

I decided to give the Liset Air Support a try, so I deployed one and after some seconds the lockdown was removed while ordis was confirming the whole thing, and I was able to run around freely again.

Problem is, the lockdown alarm kept going, the screen kept sligthly shaking and the panels all around the map kept on being highlighted in green (but couldn't be hacked) as if the lockdown was actually still in place.

All of this lasted until the end of the mission at the 10 minutes mark, surely not a gamebreaking bug but having your screen shaking for 5 minutes is not ideal either :p


Now I don't know if my teammates were experiencing this aswell, and it's probably worth noting that I was not hosting the game.



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Yeah this happens. best to just hack your way out for now as it stops the alarm but does not register it as window break so it lifts the lockdown but does not lower the window barrier.


I actually did this about a week ago as well. I thought it was working as intended but I didn't notice any screen shake


Screen shake turned off maybe?

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