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Tokken Idea Adon (Live Stream)


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say a part drops that u don't want say when u go to leave the mission u can turn it in to tokens 1 token  and u can pick your part for like 10 Tokens 



say for Ash Warframe Get a Ash Tokken

you get a part drop and at the end of the mission u can pick to make it a token or keep the part.

granted you still need 10 parts xD the number could be what every u think is fair. and maybe make a Token for token trade, and Dojo for the Warfarme Clan research thing, u need tokens :S like the Fieldron sample


Run 1 - System BP - Keep

Run 2 - System   BP - Converted to 1 Token

Run 3 - Helm       BP - Keep

Run 4 - Helm       BP - Convert to token

Run 5 - System   BP  Convert to Token

Run 6   Helm       BP - Convert to token

Run 7   Helm       BP - Convert to token

Run 8  Helm        BP - Convert to token

Run 9  System    BP - Convert to token

Run 10 System   BP - Convert to token

run 11 System    BP - Converted to token

run 12 Helm       BP - Converted  Converted to token


Go to the Market uses tokens to buy the Ash Part u need or

when in the foundy like with dual weapon select tokens and not the part.


any ideas welcomed

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