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Materials For The Dojo


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Just a few thoughts I have had and have seen through the community on how materials can be a little easier to farm for the lower populated clans.


-Maybe have a room we can build in the dojo where we can trade a certain amount of rare materials for a good amount of the common materials we need large numbers of. This would involve an npc vendor of some sort not actually trading with other players.


-Buying materials with credits.


-Materials being rewards for completing missions or having missions designed around collecting materials.


-Mod that increases the drop rate or amount of materials that drop.


Share any of your ideas or thoughts you have on the ones here, I only listed the few I've seen I'm sure there are many more out there!

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- Simply require less materials for construction


The only idea that needs implementation.

I disagree with that one. Like they said in the live stream the whole point of the dojo update was to give us something to work on until the next one. If it were so easy to do it would be finished in a week for even low population clans what would be the point. They cant just come up with new content every week you know.

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No amount of change to the material cost is going to help anyways, if you increase it to prevent large clans from building too quick they'll just get bigger, as such 1000+ member clans are essentially a non factor, since regardless of resources they will just get bigger to compensate, of course this is based on the current system. 


If you as Uboros pointed out simply reduced the mats in some cases this could be appropriate, as some figures where based upon large clans which as I pointed out are a moot point anyway based on their philosophy countering the method that was used to determine cost, but in most cases the material costs are just about right, with minimal people we have managed to do just fine and will do just fine, its only be comparison to the larger clans that it seems grossly imbalanced.


I like the idea of taking some RNG out of farming materials, this along with gaining higher values in higher level areas would be huge.

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