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[Suggestion] New Mission Type: Chasedown / Mobile Assault


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While starting yet another Kappa run I thought to myself, "what if there was mobile attack rather than defense"?


A mission where the whole point is chasing after a target while trying to take it down. Be it a mining machine in a tunnel (obviously would require new tiles) or a boss trying to get away (remember that very first time you did a capture mission and the target tried to run away).


Naturally, it should involve obstacles an some ways for your target to gain advantage from time to time despite your own speed (teleport, stagger, lockdowns etc).



Well, here's the basic concept of what I have in mind. The obsticles would be popping out from the sides etc. Probably doesn't make much sense lore-wise (why would grineer bother with this???)



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I think a mobile capture mission would be well suited for players who like to rush levels because it requires you to be quick in order to catch up to the target.


The target, as you said, could be a boss or something. I think whatever the capture target would be in a mobile capture would have to be something that isn't very easy to take down.

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