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Make maneuvering over objects better


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In this game it feels like climbing to new heights doesn't work that well.

In some areas there are sections that are raised above the others with a guard rail. One example is the T-Shaped hallway that has multiple closets at the top of the "T" and another is the C-Shaped room with the missing vent to a locker room under the stairs.

In the T room, the guard rails are positioned so that they are just barely too high to be able to climb over, so you have to either climb the cargo container on one end of the room or go around and use the stairs.

While in the C room, it IS possible to jump from the lower end directly to the higher end, it's very wonky to do. It has to be from a running start, because if you stand at the bottom and try to jump up, you'll hit your haid on the bottom of the guard rail. And for some reason, you can only climb up on the section of rail that is behind the cargo container on top of the stairs, so once you're standing on top of the rail you still have to jump over the container that is in front of you.

Speaking of cargo containers, they are rather troublesome. You can only climb them from particular sides for some reason, and if they're stacked in a certain manner, you can climb up one cargo container and then clip inside of the one on top of it. An example would be the three stacked containers near the center of the defense map.

And Now there's also some things I'd like to say about animation that may be offtopic, but I think are relevent. It would be convenient if animations for maneuvering different objects were nicer and/or existed in the first place. As far as I know, the only maneuvering animations I know about are the standard climbing animation used when climbing containers, etc. and a fairly nice animation that is used sometimes when pressing Jump while moving at a certain angle relative to a guard rail, where your warframe hops over it one leg at a time. I really think there should be more of these animations for traversing levels. Some games that have had very nice systems for traversing terrain included GTA4 and of course Mirror's Edge, and I'd really love it if these aspects were expanded on.

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Hopefully they are also planning on new animation for climbing up low ledges. Currently, it uses a full ledge grab animation, and the legs end up clipping through the ground since the ledge is only a few units higher than your jump height. The new animation should look more like a vault, which would make sense that it moves a bit faster.

I'm an animator for another game, btw, so that's what I'd do. :P

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