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Duel Room Improvement


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Make Clan Admins being able to set rules for a duel room at its terminal.


Allow Primaries: Yes / No

Allow Secondaries: Yes / No

Allow Melees: Yes / No

Allow Ability1: Yes / No

Allow Ability2: Yes / No

Allow Ability3: Yes / No

Allow Ability4: Yes / No


Max Warframe Rank: 1-60

Max Primary Rank: 1-60

Max Secondary Rank: 1-60

Max Melee Rank: 1-60


If someone doesn't meet the requirements it gives a message: "You don't meet the requirements of this duel room"


With this system we can set up different duel rooms in our clans (Melee room, No Ability room, etc) and also have one with everything allowed were players can make their own rules.

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