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Digital Extremes. Small Clans Do Not Want Dojo Weapons In 3 1/2 Hours


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D.E.. I know that you have made ignorant statements but believe me when I say you should restate what you said at the livestream.


If anything, it is the large clans that do not want to wait for so long and so they farm members to quickly build the Dojo. Think about it? Small clans aren't complaining because we are impatient. It is because building the Dojo is impossible without a huge amount of members.


Please know that many of the small Clans including my own, the Wolf Pack would be willing to wait for a month or even two to complete the whole Dojo.


Thank you for reading this post. Just wanted to bring up this statement from the livestream.


Youtube Comments

bnightm 1 hour ago


Steve @ 8 minutes in, totally misrepresenting the complaints of players in small to medium sized clans by saying they want everything in 3½ hours. Stay classy DE. Our clan cancelled the dojo construction projects when we realized every single part cost at least 5 forma and loads of mats. 5 forma = 5 euro or probably a month of waiting for alerts. That's simply not a good design choice.


Kaianacoel 11 minutes ago

My god, DE... First, a small sized clan is 5-10 people, not 20-30. Second, we do not want our dojo in 3 1/2 hours. we want it in LESS THAN 3 1/2 YEARS. We calculated, it would take us YEARS of farming to get it done, based on our drop rate from the last weeks. And that's just the ressources! Won't even speak about the god forsaken FORMA. 1-2 weeks per room is bloody fine.


TheivesNexus 1 hour ago

@Steve, I don't want to finish the dojo and all of the stuff in 3.5 hrs, I just dont want it to take 3-5 weeks to get the materials. I help run a small clan of about 10 people and we're only 36% done with the first room. Even with playing almost every day. :/



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