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Steam Workshop Launch + Faq!


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1 hour ago, alatnet said:

Um, where do i submit a syandana drawing?

I'm more of a programmer than an artist but i did come up with something though i have 0 experience with 3d modeling...

There is no official submission area.

You need to contact one of the tennogen creators and discuss with them about making your syandana design.

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Hey there, currently working on a couple Tennogen skins. 
I'm kinda stumped about Particle effects, and while I kinda figured out some stuff using Nova's Source files + looking at other Nova Tennogen items. 

Most Nova Tennogen skins has the same particle FX model, just rescaled and moved (for the helmet, and kept the same for the body)
I did noticed that the Corpa Tennogen skin for Nova, did replaced the Emissive Map w/ a tiling striped background to create rings instead of Nova's "wisp" like particles. 
However, it seems to have the same animation times for their animated texture sets, so I'm wondering if we can just replace texture maps to create a unique FX for a Warframe (like the Corpa Nova skin) without having to tinker or mess w/ animation times. 

TLDR Version; (Pic has my WIP for the Particle Texture) 
https://imgur.com/a/5N7CCl6; I'm trying to customize Nova's Particle Effects, can I just change her texture maps and not worry about getting my submission denied due to me not providing animation keyframes for the FX Textures?


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On 2015-10-21 at 2:17 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:
Create new Warframe content!
Do you have the skills and know-how to make textures? Ever wanted to see your design in Warframe?
Get in on our new TennoGen Steam Workshop and you could do just that!
TennoGen Steam Workshop is Warframe content created by Tenno, for Tenno. Starting today we're opening submissions for our first items in the Workshop -- weapon skins. Submit in your designs and you could see them for sale in the Warframe Market! This isn't just for bragging rights, you'll also receive 30% of the sales received from your item!
There are two ways Tenno can participate! First, if you are a skilled content-creator who is familiar with tools like Photoshop and how to make your own Textures, we invite you to get started and submit your creations for Community voting! Second, if you have no experience with texturing items but want to help decide what gets into the game, we invite you to vote and rank the creations made by your fellow Tenno!
The following Gear Skins will be open for TennoGen design submissions:
  • All 34 Warframes: Skin (texture) and Alt Helmet (Texture/Remodel)
  • Original Warframe Cape/Syandana. (sculpt and texture).
  • Sybaris Rifle: Skin (texture)
  • Gorgon Rifle: Skin (texture)
  • Amprex Rifle: Skin (texture)
  • Jat Kittag Melee: Skin (texture) and Remodel
  • Skana Melee: Skin (texture) and Remodel
  • Galatine Melee: Skin (texture) and Remodel
  • Kronen Melee: Skin (texture) and Remodel
  • Orthos Melee: Skin (texture) and Remodel
  • Liset (personal Ship): Skin (texture).


This forum has all the information you need to get started.  Please note to submit skins you will need a considerable amount of experience with texturing and various software. All skins will be reviewed by members of the DE team. We will be adding the best of what we see and what is voted on into the game on our own Schedule.
Get creative, Tenno!
How do I get started?
See our guide here on everything you need to know: Steam Workshop Guide
We have developed a small program (Warframe Tennogen) that will allow you to upload your assets to the Steam Workshop. The Tennogen utility will also allow you to preview your assets via a WebGL viewer that is running an approximation of our in game shader. The previewer uses the same arrangement of textures that your asset needs to work in Warframe and it will help you develop an asset that will colour well when our player customize it. The help documentation is linked within the Tennogen utility and can be accessed directly here: https://warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/
Download the Tool here from Steam by searching for 'Warframe TennoGen', the App ID is 396050.
How are submissions chosen?
Submissions are chosen by Digital Extremes based on quality and creativity. We will consider the popularity of skins as deemed by the Tenno, but we will be making the final call on what we add to the game. For information on why a skin was Rejected, see here
How much will I make?
If your skin is chosen, you will make 30% of each sale. This 30% is a percentage of the cash transaction, not Platinum Currency.
I don't know anything about Texturing, what should I do?
If you don't know a lot about Texturing, we have made many resources available here: https://warframe.com/steamworkshop/help/index.php?page=content-creator-art-style-guide
Note that we only will accept the highest quality submissions, you are encouraged to master the tools before you submit.
How often is Digital Extremes adding TennoGen Skins into the game?
We aim to add TennoGen Skins to the game as frequently as we can - this depend a lot on the quality of submissions. We aim to have our first set of TennoGen Skins in the market by the end of November.
I don't use Steam - how do I get the skins?
We are keeping the content to Steam right now - once we are confident the program is a success, we are exploring other platforms with the content creators. Contracts outside of Steam take time, and we will approach this as quickly as we can once we get a sense of participation in the program.
UPDATE: Console Tenno now have access to a curated selection of TennoGen items! We will do our best to release future rounds on all platforms to better serve the Fashion Frame needs of our community.  
I can't submit anything, what gives?
If you can't submit anything and you know you've set up everything correctly, it's possible your account is restricted by Steam, this is called a 'limited account'. Steam prohibits submissions on accounts that have not spent $5 or more in the Steam Store. To lift this restriction, may we suggest you stock up on some Platinum? See here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/338720/

Last Updated: March 7, 2017

thank you so much!


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On 2019-09-01 at 1:44 AM, MCSuire said:

I feel like a lot of the skins for Ash don't suit me. Maybe I should try making one instead.

Yea he is only real ninja assassin but he have 75% helmets that look like some insect...but some of those are really cool specially with his new upcoming deluxe version-2. with a hood on him...

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Probably a bit late in the game, but I'm curious about copyright stuff? Do we retain rights to submitted items? Is that the unspoken clause of the 30% deal? Specific example being; I want to create a skin for a frame that's based on something that belongs to an IP that I own, would this be allowed or is this a conflict of interest?

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