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Pull Revamp - Let It Push And Pull


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Rename the power to Magnetic Force.  


When you normally activate the power, it behaves exactly as it does now.  


If you are aiming down the sights, Pull converts to Push/Repel mode.  If you target a specific enemy, it pushes that enemy away from you.  If you aim at a friendly target (teammate or pod or hostage) it pushes all enemies away from that target a la Sonic Boom but without the damage.  


A relatively situational skill now becomes significantly more versatile.  

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Meenmu, on 30 May 2013 - 01:11 AM, said:I like the sound of "alternate firing modes" for abilities in general. Neat idea.

Yes, was about to say that too. Could really offer nice variety. Heck you could essentially have 8 skills that way.

Could have different energy costs too.
E.g pull for 10 or push for 20.

Mag nificent

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