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Mvfilms Debut Series.


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------------------- Start Transmission -----------------------

Hello my fellow tenno i bring you MVfilms video log of our hunt for the stalker throughout Uranus. New Video logs will be available weekly.

MVFilms have been sent off on a specialized mission by the Lotus, and Stormandreas and Necrokhan have accepted. Their mission, to hunt, fight, and kill, the evil Tenno known as Stalker. Will Storm and Khan succeed in their mission? or will the Stalker find them first?

Please Follow the link below to access the Video logs.


Thank you for listening.

------------------- End Transmission --------------------------

P.s. I don't intend to post every video on the forums as that would be ridiculous. This is our first video and we have improved since recording this so please bare with us. We hope you enjoy and of course, if you do, please like share and subscribe.

------------------- True End Transmission ----------------------

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