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Fusing Duplicate Skills?



On my last mission, I got had a Slash Dash drop. Now I have two. The mad scientist in me wants to smash them together and see what happens. The sane Luddite in me wants to not do this at any cost, as this is the skill I use most, and I don't want to risk losing it. The pragmatist wants me to ask what will happen before I monkey around with forces I don't truly understand. I'm going to listen to the pragmatist.


So what happens when you fuse duplicate skills? Is there any benefit? Do they disappear in a flash of light and sound? Please help me before I do something stupid.

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Fusing is just the same concept as levelling up a mod, the formula is always doubled cost.


+1 = rank 1

+2 = rank 2

+4 = rank 3

+8 = rank 4

+16 = rank 5



what really gets hard is


+32 = rank 6

+64 = rank 7

+128 = rank 8

+256 = rank 9

+512 = rank 10

(i think that's the highest mod rank for the mods that can be fused the most often, i got my serration up to rank 7. i'm not even gonna try to get it to rank 8)


also when fusing non-duplicate mods, you get less of fusion (exp basically) for the mod. i think the formula is something like this although i have not confirmed


mismatching mods = 25% of mod is fused

matching polarities (icon in the right corner) = 50% of mod is fused

matching mod = 100% of mod is fused

fusion core = 100% of mod is fused


what also matters for how much "fusion" there is within a mod to begin with depends on either it's rank or it's capacity cost (unsure which, i think it's capacity cost though) i also think rarity matters (feel free to test it)


So, fusing an ability that costs 2 into a matching polarity mod that costs 4 will cost 6 of said mod to make 1 of the mod being fusioned from what i've gathered to give some solid number.


Fusioning can not fail, but it costs credits to fusion.

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if you have extra, you might want to keep some skills at different levels so that you can fiddle with 1-2 mod points difference fitting.

Since all skills caps at level 3, and scratch polarity slots divides total mod cost by 2, we usually need at most 3 copies at these levels


level-0 (for a 2/4/6/10-cost mod, this will cost.. 1/2/3/5 mod capacity when equipped in scratch slot)

level-2 (for a 4/6/8/12-cost mod, this will cost.. 2/3/4/6 mod capacity when equipped in scratch slot)

level-3 (for a 5/7/9/13-cost mod, this will cost.. 3/4/5/7 mod capacity when equipped in scratch slot)


Having ability cards at above ensures that you can fit any combination you want.


On the other hand, once you have the cards of the same ability at the 3 power levels, any remaining is redundant. Personally, I recommend using them to use other ability mods of different powers (fusing mods of same polarity is still more efficient than fusing mods of different polarities), especially the rare mods.


Conclusion? I recommend that you keep at least 3 cards of the same ability. (i.e. do not fuse below this number. If you have to, consider other extra ability mods, and perhaps then fusion cores).

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