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[Glitch] Vauban's Tesla Is Overloading My Computer.


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My name is Mohfuu and I play Vauban.


//the group lets out a supportive golfclap.


That's right, I'm that sleazy bastard that steals all your kills and keeps the cryo core safe no matter what. I've run into a slight problem though, my immaculate plan to steal all kills ever, everywhere, anytime, has come to a slight halt. It would seem that the tesla nodes (little balls you throw) are sprouting out too many particles (unconfirmed) but my computer has crashed twice using the teslas.


As a Vauban, I'm a crafty devil. I disabled physx and things seem to be back to normal.


TL;DR: Tesla is causing my Warframe to crash, disabling PhysX gets rid of the problem.

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