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Building Rhino



Hello all, I have a Rhino and I'm not sure how much points should i get on his mods.


I build him as typically: his 4 abilities, redirection, vitality and steel fiber (and maybe focus). Note: I haven't got a potato yet.


My primary questions are how level up his skills. I maxed IS and charge, but I don't know ifit's correctly. And should I max 3 or 4?


TY =)

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What I have on my old Rhino is as follows:


-Orokin Reactor (Golden Potato)


-All 4 abilities






-Flow/Steel Fiber


That is the setup I have, and all are maxed for full effects. The Flow/Steel Fiber may seem useless, but they are good to have as Flow allows for more ability use, and Steel Fiber reduces damage even more, so it is useful if you have a spare slot. Having a Orokin Reactor on him is USUALLY necessary for fully leveled builds, so make sure to get one if you think you want to have him at the best strength. The Thrak helmet is nice, but the speed it removes is very useful, unless you have fully leveled Rush, in which you can get around it with less hassle. Overall, he can be built in a few ways, but having Health/Shields is necessary, and Rush is up next with those.

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I potatoed my Rhino and put on him:

Maxed Rhino Charge, Iron Skin and Radial Blast (I dont use Rhino Stomp)

Redirection, fast deflection, steel fiber and vitality, for tanking, giving 870 shield and 540 health

Flow, continuity and rush

With this build I have a pretty good tank role, good use of my abities, making them longer in time (iron skin and rhino charge) and a good AoE with radial blast (I dont use stretch cause only increase 10 to 13 meters radial blast) and rush cause I cannot stand the rhino speed xD

Good luck and greetings!


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I would no longer run continuity, as Iron skin will usually drop from damage before the timer runs out.


I use all four abilities (though I'm thinking about repoalarizing one of the ability slots and dropping stomp), redirection, fast deflection, vitality, steel fiber, rush, continuity. 1050 shields (more when I finish fusing redirection) 500 health, +25% sprint (I swap this situationally), 250 energy, and I still have a few points left over that will got into my tanky mods once i get more cores. (It is supercharged)


At this point it may seem like a good idea to repolarize one of the = slots for a v and switch Rhino Stomp for Focus, but DE has said that they plan to rework Rhino (IIRC, in the last livestream), so its probably best to hold off on any forma or reactor investments until you can be sure he won't change to dramatically.

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