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[Idea] Volcanic Frame -Cinder-


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Well, I am a college student studying Geology.... and thought (because I am a huge nerd) that this might be a neat idea.


I'm not great with numbers... so if anyone wanted to help dev this idea more. it would be cool.


Cinder (as in a cinder cone)


Type: Disabler


Move set:


Vent: Similar to all the other elemental one, fire a blast of magma at an enemy that does damage then gradual burning damage.... higher levels might cool down at the end hardening into solid stone, thus holding the enemy in place....


Billow (cannot think of a good name for this one): Throws out a mass pahoehoe of Lava (lava that flows very slowly and isn't that hot, but very thick as far as lava goes) that covers the ground and slowly spreads, if an enemy enters it they are slowed and begin taking constant fire damage until the the ability stops or the enemy dies. higher level abilities last longer and cover longer distances.


Pyroclast (as in a pyroclastic flow or surge): Similar to ember's overheat and rhinos iron skin, it give Cinder more armor but upon ending the armor layer explodes off of cinder into a mixture of gas and debris damaging nearby enemies causing them to take normal as well as fire damage and poison damage (because pyroclastic flows or surges usually contain toxic gases)


Caldera: Cinder Creates a massive eruption causing an AOE that inflicts massive damage, as well as gradual fire damage maybe it hardens and holds them in place for a while afterwards as well. (basically eveything ember's uber should have been).


like I said before, I am not the best at making concepts like this or putting numbers to them, so if someone found this interesting enough to help develop it more, that would be nice.

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If anything I think you have some of the names/concepts mixed up..


Health 100 (300)

Shields 75 (275)

Power 100 (250)

Sprint Speed 1.3


Pyroclast: Erupts a wave of Super heated gasses forwards 5/5/10/10m and knocking down enemies that are struck by it. The cloud lingers for 3 sec, each second all enemies will be damaged 25/25/35/50 and at rank 3 will be Stunned from the super heated cloud passing them. The stun will last for .5 sec. The stun is not effected by continuity but the length it lingers is, also is effected by Stretch and Focus



Vent: Vents out Super heated air onto Cinder, melting all incoming projectiles and damaging any melee attacker by 75/75/100/100. This initial effect lasts for 4 sec, after it is finished, it drastically cools the air around Cinder, Causing all enemies within a 10m diameter to be slowed by 50% and to be damaged 25/25/25/50. Is effected by Stretch, Focus and Continuity.



Fissure: Releases slow moving lava from the ground in a radius of 3/3/5/6m and the lava flows .5m a sec, the ability lasts as long as the lava is flowing to the outer reach of the radius. For each second an enemy stay in the lava field, it's armor is decreased by 10% for a max of 60% and is damaged 25/25/35/50 each second. Also any enemy in the field will be slowed down to 50% of their normal walking speed. Is effected by Stretch and Focus.



Caldera: Cinder unleashes the true powers of a volcano, and creates both an AoE where enemies are slowed down 50% and take an initial damage of 100/150/175/200. Once in the radius of 8m they have a chance to be struck by falling rock and lava. Rock does 100/100/100/200 on impact and Lava does 50/50/75/100 on impact, Lava stays on the effected for 3 seconds. Anyone struck with Lava will be subject to Harden which happens after Caldera has expired, the effected will be Hardened in place for 2 seconds. Is effected by Reach, Continuity and Focus.

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